Studio Cottage #1
Sea Cliff Cottages

Updated: Aug 16 18
 Created: Jan 27 15

Our smallest cottage (about 500 square feet) is set up for one or two people. 
Cosy and intimate, it has a complete kitchen, dining alcove and three piece bathroom with hot shower. 
The bed sitting room has a queen size bed and plenty of closet and drawer space. 
A large balcony looks out over the sea below. Tile floors and natural hardwood furnishings are featured throughout. 
As with the other units a variety of fruit trees are planted around the cottage for you to sample when in season.

Updated: Mar 03 15
 Created: Jan 27 15

Exterior of the Studio Cottage


                    per night          per week
Winter          $105 US          $630 US
Summer         $85 US          $510 US
     (includes 10% government hotel tax)

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Updated: Jan 27 15
 Created: Jan 27 15

balcony view view from in front of the studio queen size bed roadside view

Video Walk Through